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Full control over all your equipment!

Rental Tracker focuses largely on car rental, short lease companies and companies with an extensive fleet. But more and more companies with their own vessels, tools, machines and other equipment are also becoming our customers. As a result, Rental Tracker has now developed into a unique and renowned GPS tracking company with more than 40,000 active connections at home and abroad!

Through close contact with our customers, we know exactly what is going on in various industries and we can effectively respond to the wishes of our customers. Our motto is; You ask, we deliver!

We continuously improve and develop our GPS products and services with only one goal; optimally support you and your company.
Through our tracking portal and the right GPS products you can register, monitor and secure your equipment. This way you can optimally limit your claims costs without too much effort, increase the return of your company and focus on your core business.

In order to be able to respond to the latest innovations such as connected cars and the reading of OEM connected data, Rental Tracker’s software development capacity has grown enormously in recent years. More than just a seller of GPS hardware, Rental Tracker can now be called a real ICT company.

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Expert in fleet management

Rental Tracker offers track & trace products that are suitable for the different industries and a wide range of vehicles and many other objects. Through our GPS system and our GPS trackers you can register, monitor and secure all your equipment. This way you can limit your claims burden without much effort, increase your return and focus on your core business!

Don't know which tracker you need?

Tracking portal

The tracking portal has been developed in collaboration with, among others, rental and short lease companies. As a result, the portal is focused on different industries.

For example, a car rental company needs different insights into the portal than a construction company. Our portal has many unique functionalities. The settings that do not apply to you can be hidden with a few mouse clicks. You will only see the information that is important to you (and your company).

Rental Tracker app

With the Rental Tracker app you have everything quickly at your fingertips. All the necessary functionalities that you need for optimal use of your Rental Tracker equipment are incorporated.

The Rental Tracker app is easy to download from the App Store and Google Play and is very easy to use. The use of the app is completely free. 

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The power of geofencing

Fleet managers can benefit immensely by using the geofencing in the Rental Tracker portal. The efficiency, security and productivity of the company can be significantly improved through geofencing.

However, we notice that the functionality that geofencing can offer is often underestimated and therefore underused. That’s why in this blog we describe the benefits of geofencing.

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From 2G to 4G

Because the 2G network is outdated, it will be phased out in most countries in Europe in the coming years to provide space for the roll-out of 4G/5G. In most cases, it has been decided to keep the 2G network for the time being, because a relatively large number of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) services still depend…

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