Personal Tracker

The person-centered tracker!
Realtime track & trace, Location determination, Geofencing, Own power supply, Quick to change between objects, Personal security
The Personal GPS Tracker is ideal for an acute and serious request for help or in an emergency situation where the person in question is no longer able to call for help. In addition, the Personal Tracker is also used to track and/or locate personnel such as security guards and/or first aiders on a large site.
The Personal Tracker indicates the location of the person in question. If necessary, the geofencing function can be used by you. In our system you define a certain area for, for example, your client. When the client enters or leaves the demarcated area, you will immediately receive a notification.
In case of a serious request for help or in an emergency situation where the wearer is still able to ask for help himself, the wearer can press the SOS button. The SOS notification will then be visible in the portal and an SMS will be sent to selected mobile phone numbers.
The Personal Tracker also alerts when the person in question falls over or lies down (man down function) in case of health complaints such as epilepsy or diabetes.


44 x 43 x 20 mm (L x W x H)
40 g
800mAh rechargeable Li-Ion, 3.8V, 3.04Wh
IP 67 (dustproof & water immersion protected)
4 pin magnetic USB cable

The Personal Tracker is extremely suitable for

Localization of people in certain situations, during high-risk sports, expeditions and large crowded outdoor events such as concerts and festivals.

Are you interested in the Personal Tracker?

The Personal Tracker is available for €150, -. The subscription fee (use of the online GPS Tracking Portal and connectivity) depends on the number of objects you are monitoring.
1 to 10 trackers ……. €6.90 per tracker, per month
11 to 100 trackers ……. €5.90 per tracker, per month
100 or more trackers ……. €4.90 per tracker, per month