Tacho 4G Tracker

The monitor for trucks, (van) buses, coaches, construction and agricultural machinery
Realtime track & trace, Geofencing, Start blockade, Driving behaviour monitoring, Monitoring speeds, Fuel consumption monitoring, Canbus vehicle information, Monitoring transport, Professional assembly, Option (cigarette) smoke detector, Mileage on dashboard, Mileage registration, Remote door control, Driving and rest times info
Do you want to reduce damage costs and fuel costs, increase the safety of your drivers, stimulate eco-driving and optimize the planning and logistics of your equipment?
With the help of the Tacho Tracker you can easily and quickly, efficiently increase the return of your company! You can download all your current data from the DDD files of your vehicles and the driver cards remotely and automatically. Vehicles no longer have to be physically present and you no longer have to download the data manually! This gives you quick and easy insight into the most up-to-date tachograph data such as driving and resting times of the driver and vehicle/CAN bus data. Notifications for the driving and resting times of your drivers are passed on to your planners and new assignments can be assigned safely (within the driving limits) by the planners.
By means of GPS, the Tacho Tracker can determine and transmit the location and status of the vehicle in real time. This tracker also has sensors that record driving behavior (rough driving behavior; braking, acceleration, speeds) and fuel consumption. Overruns will be reported to you. By monitoring these factors, you can drastically reduce fuel consumption.
The Tacho Tracker also allows you to remotely activate (from your portal) the starting blockade of a vehicle. When your vehicle enters or leaves a demarcated area (geofencing), you will immediately receive a notification.
The Tacho Tracker optimally supports your fleet management of your trucks, (van) buses and coaches. This makes it extremely suitable for: international logistics, refrigerated transport, construction and agriculture, bus companies, coach companies, safety and emergency services, etc.

The Tacho Tracker is professionally installed by an installer or garage. As an option, you can connect our unique (cigarette) smoke detector to the Tacho Tracker. This prevents odour nuisance and fire damage in the vehicle!


104,1 x 76,8 x 31,5 mm (L x W x H)
201 g
10-30 V DC with overvoltage and polarity protection
Back-up battery
550 mAh Ni-Mh, 8.4 V
IP41 (protection against pointed objects & vertical dripping water)
Power consumption
At 12V <19mA (standby) & At 13V <38 mA (active)

The Tacho Tracker has been specially developed for the transport & logistics industry

The Tacho Tracker gives you all the necessary insights into the most up-to-date tachograph data such as driving and resting times of the drivers and vehicle/CAN bus data, real-time location, driving behaviour and fuel consumption. Furthermore, the Tacho Tracker gives the possibility of geofencing and remotely activating the starting blockade.

Equipping your equipment with the Tacho Tracker

The Tacho Tracker is available for € 199, -. This does not include the installation and the monthly subscription costs (use of the online GPS Tracking Portal and connectivity). The cost depends on the number of objects you are monitoring.
1 to 10 trackers ……. €9.90 per tracker, per month*
11 or more……. contact us for a special price*
* exclusive access to the DDD portal