Wired Connect 4G Tracker

Wired Connect Tracker
Realtime track & trace, Geofencing, Start blockade, Driving behaviour monitoring, Monitoring speeds, Fuel consumption monitoring, Canbus vehicle information, Professional assembly, Widely applicable, Option (cigarette) smoke detector, Mileage on dashboard, Mileage registration, Remote door control
The Wired Connect Tracker has the most functionalities of all our trackers and goes one step further than the Wired Tracker.
Just like the Wired Tracker, the Wired Connect Tracker determines the location of a vehicle in real time, making it ideal for route, trip and mileage registration. It also has G-sensors that register rough driving behavior and report it to you. When your vehicle or vessel enters or leaves an area demarcated by you (geofencing), you will immediately receive a notification. In the event of misuse, non-payment or theft, you can activate the starting blockade.
What’s unique about the Wired Connect Tracker is that it also provides you with the exact mileage and fuel/charge level of the vehicle! In addition, the Wired Connect Tracker has a locking and unlocking system d.w.z. dat allows you to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors.
The Wired Connect Tracker is ideal for fleet managers and rental companies. Whether you rent out vehicles, vessels or machines, this tracker can be connected to all your equipment (with its own power supply of 9-30 volts). Just like the Wired Tracker, the Wired Connect Tracker is professionally installed by a fitter or garage. A nice side effect is that this makes the tracker difficult to detect and sabotage. As an option you can order our unique (cigarette) smoke detector. This is easy to connect to the Wired Connect Tracker. This prevents odour nuisance and fire damage in your vehicle or vessel!


65 x 56.6 x 20.6 mm (L x W x H)
61.9 g
10-30 V DC
3.7V 170mAh Li-lon
IP 41 (protection against pointed objects and vertically dripping water)
Power consumption
At 12V < 16 mA (Standby) & At 12V < 2A Max. (Active)

The Wired Connect; just that little bit extra!

The Wired Connect Tracker works on a voltage source of 9-30 V. This makes this tracker particularly suitable for a very wide target group such as:
Construction machinery
Agricultural machinery
Motorbikes & scooters
Passenger cars

Equipping your equipment with the Wired Connect Tracker

The Wired Connect Tracker is available for €150. This does not include the installation and the monthly subscription costs (use of the online GPS Tracking Portal and connectivity). The cost depends on the number of objects you are monitoring.
  • 1 to 10 trackers ……. €6.90 per tracker, per month
  • 11 to 100 trackers ……. €5.90 per tracker, per month
  • 100 or more trackers ……. €4.90 per tracker, per month