Relay Tracker

Super fast (self)assembly & very versatile!
Geofencing, Realtime track & trace, Monitoring speeds, Self-assembly, Widely applicable, Transferable, Option (cigarette) smoke detector
It is not without reason that the Relay Tracker is one of our bestsellers!
The Relay Tracker is frequently used by fleet managers and lessors who want to monitor their fleet well but want to use their trackers flexibly and widely. But even if you own vessels or machines, the Relay Tracker can be connected directly to the battery by means of its special connection cable (provided its own power supply of 10-40 volts). As a result, the Relay Tracker can also be used for, for example, electric scooters (e-scooters). With these features, the Relay Tracker is also increasingly making its way within many companies that want to monitor their fleet, such as temporary employment agencies, funeral companies and companies in the healthcare sector.
The Relay Tracker can be installed by you, easily and quickly, saving you time and costs of a professional installer. Due to its very unobtrusive compact design, the Relay Tracker can be placed in your equipment completely out of sight. Another big advantage of the Relay Tracker is that this tracker is very versatile and transferable to another vehicle.

The Relay Tracker, with the exception of the start blockade feature, has the same features as our Wired Tracker! For example, the Relay Tracker can determine the location of a vehicle or vessel up to the minute (realtime) and is therefore extremely suitable for route, trip and mileage registration. The Relay Tracker can also monitor, register and report exceedances on the speed of your vehicle or vessel.
When your vehicle or vessel enters or leaves a demarcated area (geofencing), you will immediately receive a notification. As an option, as with the Wired Tracker, you can order our unique (cigarette) smoke detector and connect it to the Relay Tracker. This prevents odour nuisance and fire damage in the vehicle or vessel!

Relay Tracker is widely applicable

Because the Relay Tracker is easy to install yourself, this tracker is also easily deployable and transferable to another vehicle. The Relay Tracker is therefore very versatile for, for example:
Construction machinery
Agricultural machinery
Motorbikes & scooters
Passenger cars

Equipping your equipment with the Relay Tracker

The Relay Tracker is available for € 75. This does not include the installation and the monthly subscription costs (use of the online GPS Tracking Portal and connectivity). The cost depends on the number of objects you are monitoring.
1 to 10 trackers ……. €6.90 per tracker, per month
11 to 100 trackers ……. €5.90 per tracker, per month
100 or more trackers ……. €4.90 per tracker, per month