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From car rental company to GPS tracking provider

Rental Tracker was born from a great passion for vehicles and machines of owner Klaasjaap. Through his experience as a car rental company, he has gained a lot of insight into the specific problems, wishes and needs within the rental industry. His experiences have led to the development of Rental Tracker.

Rental Tracker has now developed into a unique and renowned track & trace company with more than 35,000 active trackers in different countries.
The team consists of enthusiastic committed people with a lot of knowledge, skills and experience in the field of track and trace.


As the owner of car rental company Smarthuren, I ran into problems that other fleet managers and landlords also know. My rental cars were damaged by the careless driving of renters. Moreover, I wanted to protect my company against problems such as missed payments and contract violations. It cost me too much time, energy and money and sometimes made me feel like I was behind the times. At the same time, I saw it as a great challenge to solve this!

With Rental Tracker we have developed a quick and easy system. Thanks to our GPS tracking system and the right track & trace product, you as a lessor are optimally unburdened so that you can focus on your core business again and at the same time increase the return of your company!

Klaasjaap, owner

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Whether you have a car rental, car lease, boat rental, cleaning, secondment, contracting or construction company, team Rental Tracker is ready for you!
We are happy to advise you personally based on our expertise in the field of GPS tracking.


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