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Quickstart guide Rental Tracker 2023

Thank you very much for your purchase at Rental Tracker and welcome to Rental Tracker! In this quickstart guide we explain briefly and step-by-step how you can install a tracker, use the app and get started with our portal.

Step 1: Download the free Rental Tracker app

Start by downloading our Rental Tracker app. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App store on your mobile. All the necessary functionalities you need for the optimal use of our hardware are included in this app.

Via the Rental Tracker App you will be taken to our unique digital dashboard where you will also find the digital installation form.

You can use the digital installation form on site (at the installation location) and it works quickly and easily. It requires step-by-step and phased data from the installation, so that you cannot forget any necessary information and you have a solid and correct installation administration that you can fall back on later. The installation form is essential to be able to help you in case of calamities and / or malfunctions.

More information about the possibilities of the app can be found on the app page.

Step 2: Installation of trackers

The installation of the trackers differs per type of tracker:

Wired Tracker

This comes with an installation set. You can build it into our app according to the color scheme. If you prefer to outsource this or you do not have the expertise for this yourself, we would like to put you in touch with one of our trusted installation partners.

Relay Tracker

This comes standard with wiring that can be attached directly to the + (= red) and – (= black) of the battery.

Min-OBD Tracker

You only need to plug this plug and play tracker into the existing OBD connection of the vehicle. This is normally located For easy road operation, you can use RentalTracker’s extension cord.

Stealth Tracker

This is always brought online before delivery. The installation of this very compact tracker is easy; You only have to hide it in your equipment. Think about the accessibility of the tracker. Depending on the ease with which the tracker receives its GPS/GSM signal, it will last shorter or longer.

Step 3. Administration of the tracker using the digital installation form

The digital installation form can be found in the Rental Tracker App that you just installed in step 1. Rental tracker has 2 digital installation forms:

The compact form

You can use this when you want to choose the fastest way and it is suitable for your own fleet. In the compact installation form you enter basic information such as; brand of car, type, registration number (or reporting code), the mileage and the placement in the vehicle.

The extended version

This is especially suitable for when you have been helped with a more extensive installation administration. You also fill in data such as; installation company, name of mechanic, company name customer and mention of whether or not there is a starting blockade.

After you have submitted a completed installation form, you will receive an overview by e-mail with which tracker, where and in which car is installed.

In the unlikely event that you do not have a network at the installation location, the form can also be used offline. In this case, the form is stored temporarily and securely and you can still send it online later.

Step 4. Activation of the tracker

When we deliver an order, we already link the trackers to your account. You can then find them in the portal under the ‘objects’ tab on the basis of the tracker’s identification code, the so-called IMEI number. As soon as the tracker has voltage and starts sending information, it will automatically get the status active.

Step 5. Understanding the portal

To use the portal, you only need to log in to the portal via your browse or the Rental Tracker App. We recommend that you first watch these instructional videos so that you can get off to a flying start!

On our instruction videos page you can consult various instruction videos . There are instructions for changing the tracker name, generating reports, changing password, etc..

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us daily from 08:00 to 20:00 via Whatsapp, by phone 085 – 303 4646 or send an e-mail to info@rentaltracker.nl