Frequently asked questions

In the overview below you will find answers to common questions.

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Products & services

How fast does Rental Tracker deliver the ordered products?

Rental Tracker delivers the products you ordered within 1- 2 working days. If we cannot comply with this, we will of course let you know in time. You can order products quickly and easily via our webshop or via our Rental Tracker App (Order → Order form).

Does Rental Tracker guarantee the products?

Rental Tracker gives a standard two-year warranty on all products. However, after these two years we are lenient and a product can be exchanged. Our products are of very high quality and have a CE mark. With normal use, our products can last a lifetime.

Can I reach Rental tracker properly and how can Rental Tracker be reached?

Rental Tracker can be reached by phone on working days from 8.00 – 20.00 hours. If you have any questions, you can also reach us by email or via Super Chat (whats app messages that are read and picked up by the entire team).

Is Rental Tracker suitable for keeping a conclusive mileage administration for the tax authorities?

Rental Tracker has developed a unique system according to the requirements of the tax authorities. You can find the instructions via Help → Tax Authorities reporting instruction. This allows you to correctly register your journeys in a given period and specify the business and private use of your vehicle(s).

Subscription & costs

What costs are there in addition to the purchase price of the trackers?

With Rental Tracker, in addition to the costs of the tracker and any installation costs, you only pay the monthly subscription costs. You pay the subscription fee for the use of the online GPS portal and the connectivity of the trackers. The cost depends on the number of items. Request a quote without obligation.

Do I have to sign a (long-term) contract with Rental Tracker?

Rental Tracker does not bind customers by means of (long-term) contracts but works with customer-friendly monthly cancelable subscriptions. Easy come easy go!

Can I have a tracker deactivated so that I no longer pay a subscription fee for it?

You can have your trackers deactivated by us at any time, e.g. because the car has been sold or is no longer used for rental or lease. In this case, please send us an email with your question, stating the registration number of the vehicle in question.

Connectivity & data

Does Rental Tracker offer coverage anywhere in the world?

Rental Tracker is connected to the best and largest network providers, who provide our connectivity. As a result, we have a very high-quality Roaming SIM that ensures that our customers worldwide (+190 countries) are flawlessly connected to a network. This way we can offer you the best coverage, even in more remote areas!

Can the location of my equipment still be determined when there is no longer a GPS signal?

As long as the SIM card of the tracker has reception, Rental Tracker, just like investigative services, can still determine the location of your equipment. This is of course less accurate than GPS and highly dependent on the network administrator.

How long is the GPS data stored and how long can I find the data in the portal?

Your data will be stored for 2 years. Within this period you can find all your data on the portal.

Portal & app

Is the portal only visible via my computer?

Rental Tracker strives to ensure that you can view all data anytime, anywhere in your portal. You have all the necessary information via your mobile (smartphone), tablet or computer.

Is the portal adjustable according to needs (industry)?

Rental Tracker has developed a very user-friendly portal which is adjustable per industry and as needed. A car rental company needs different insights into the portal than a construction company. This way you only see the information that is important to you.

Can I also create sub-accounts on my portal?

When you have a manager account you can create (as much as you want) sub-accounts and thus manage access to your trackers. You can find the instructions via Help → Instruction videos → Create Sub-Account.

Is it possible to generate reports?

You can easily provide insight into extensive reports on usage about specific situations / events. You can find the instructions via Help → Instruction videos → Generate reports.

How can I receive alerts?

You will receive 24/7 alerts about usage or specific events/situations; in the portal (reports), via e-mail and via SMS. You can set how you want to receive the notifications. You can find the instructions via Help → Instruction videos → Geofence & notification setup.

Can I also receive a notification when my vehicles need maintenance?

You can set a maintenance interval so that you get a notification when your vehicle needs maintenance. You can find the instructions via Help → Instruction videos → Set maintenance interval.

Where can I download the Rental Tracker app and are there any costs involved?

The Rental Tracker app is easy and completely free to download from the App Store and Google Play and is very easy to use. All the necessary functionalities that you need for the optimal use of your equipment are included.

Connected cars

Does Rental Tracker work with connected cars?

In most cases, Rental Tracker can make data from connected cars (vehicles in which a SIM card is installed from the factory) visible in our portal! Ask us about the possibilities, we would like to keep you informed of this wonderful development.