This is how you scan a QR code for your installation form!

You see them everywhere; QR codes! And for good reason, because they work super handy! In a previous blog, we wrote about our handy digital installation form. We tell you how you can easily scan a QR code for our installation form here!

When installing our trackers, you use our digital installation forms on site (at the installation location). You can find this in our Rental Tracker app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile.

On the app, you can choose two versions: the compact version and the extended version. With our digital installation forms you can easily and quickly keep a solid and correct installation administration that you can fall back on later! The built-in app will ask for basic information about the installation in phases, which you have to fill in one by one. If you forget necessary info, the app will remind you.

Unique to this app is that you also have to enter a photo of the most necessary basic data. To make it even easier for you and to avoid mistakes when copying the IMEI number, all our track & trace products are equipped with QR codes! These QR codes contain the IMEI number (registration number) of the tracker. This prevents the tracker from being incorrectly registered in your portal.

This is how the QR code works for our installation form

  1. Download the free Rental Tracker app
  2. Open the Rental Tracker app
  3. Choose: installation form (compact version or extended version)
  4. Fill in all the details of the installation form, except for the IMEI number
  5. You can scan the IMEI number by pressing the scan icon on the right; your device will automatically scan the code and automatically take over and capture the IMEI number
  6. Press the IMEI icon on the left for a picture of the IMEI number
  7. After this, you enter photos of the license plate/reporting code and the installation location of the tracker (in the vehicle) directly via the appropriate icons.

All this information is automatically sent in a PDF file to your e-mail address and/or to the e-mail addresses of your administrators.

With this information you can easily find the vehicle in question later, you can check who installed the tracker, when, by whom and in what place and whether the tracker is functioning.

Easy Peasy, right? 😊

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