The power of geofencing

Fleet managers can benefit immensely by using the geofencing in the Rental Tracker portal. The efficiency, security and productivity of the company can be significantly improved through geofencing.However, we notice that the functionality that geofencing can offer is often underestimated and therefore underused. That's why in this blog we describe the benefits of geofencing.

Geofencing is a GPS technology that indicates a virtual geographical boundary. The geofence feature can be set to send notifications or alerts and create reports when a vehicle enters or leaves a certain area. Geofencing offers advantages in several areas, which we have listed for you below:

  1. Theft & Abuse Prevention:
    Businesses can use geofencing to quickly detect irregularities and contract violations. For example, you can set up a notification when a vehicle leaves or enters the country, region, area (e.g. a major port) or a certain address.

    In case of misuse, non-payment or theft, companies may decide to activate an immobilizer or contact the police. In this way, they can protect themselves against further losses, additional damage costs or other contract violations.

    “A growing problem is manipulating the odometer of vehicles and swapping parts for older, inferior parts in specific locations. Recently, such a type of vehicle abuse came to light due to vehicles regularly visiting the same unclear location. This was detected by creating a geofence around the suspected location, which ultimately prevented a large amount of damage.”

    However, geofencing can be used not only outside the company, but also within the company to monitor equipment and ensure that it is only used by staff in permitted areas and during working hours. By actively monitoring this, further unauthorized use of equipment can be prevented.

  2. Support with access control and compliance with laws and regulations:
    Geofencing can be used to generate notifications when vehicles enter or leave sensitive or prohibited areas. For example, geofencing can generate security alerts when objects (and therefore people) enter or leave unauthorized construction sites or business premises.

    We are also seeing more and more zero-emission zones in inner cities where polluting vans and trucks are not allowed to drive (at certain times). Notifications can be set up for this purpose, which are sent to the fleet manager and/or the driver when an unauthorised vehicle enters the city centre. For example, geofencing helps prevent unauthorized access to specific locations and potential fines.

  3. Equipment and personnel management and time registration:
    Planners can monitor the presence of equipment to ensure that it is and remains in the right place on time. This is very useful for companies with mobile or remote teams or companies in the transportation industry. With reports, an overview can easily be created for an overview of what has been present where, and when, in a certain period.

  4. Improved Customer Service:

    Planners can receive notifications when a vehicle enters or leaves a geofence zone. Depending on the industry, this can be useful for tracking delivery times and informing customers of delivery arrival times.

Want to see how to set up geofencing correctly? Consult our instructional videos on our website:

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