Rental Tracker goes connected!

Good news for fleet managers; Rental Tracker can add connected cars to the portal without the intervention of additional GPS trackers (hardware)! In this blog, we will tell you all about this great development and explain what we can offer you!

Connected cars, you hear about them more and more. As part of the general trend of connecting devices to the Internet of Things, almost all modern vehicles and equipment are now equipped with the ability to exchange data via the Internet.
In the case of connected cars, the vehicles are equipped with a SIM card from the factory, have an internet connection and collect data. The data is sent to the manufacturer via the internet, for example to carry out updates or to monitor the technical condition of the car. Data can also be shared with other parties such as the dealer and/or the end user. The latter can read the data in an app that gives insight into where the car is, the technical condition, the maintenance history and the fuel consumption of the car.
Nice for the end users, but what about the fleet managers? After all, the data from connected cars is not yet transparent to you as a lessor or leasing company. And…. If you stay behind, you may miss the fleet!

In order for you, as a fleet manager, to benefit from connected data, without the intervention of additional hardware, Rental Tracker has set to work. Over the past year, we have been working hard with our ICT partner and a leading supplier of car data to literally and figuratively connect to connected cars. And it worked!
This means that we can receive data from your connected cars and make it transparent on your own Rental Tracker portal. In fact, Rental Tracker Connect now makes it possible for fleet managers to collect data from connected cars in one central place in addition to Rental Tracker’s data. In this way, we can also provide you, as a fleet manager, with insights into your connected cars.
In short: all the information that the driver can read on the dashboard of the vehicle, such as mileage, tank capacity, fuel consumption, maintenance messages and tire pressure, is now also visible to you as a rental company or leasing company in our portal.                  

However, the speed and accuracy of the real-time tracking feature is highly dependent on the brand of car. In addition, it is not yet possible to monitor driving behaviour and block the start by means of connected cars. Connected cars certainly don’t offer the many benefits that our hardware offers; Rental Tracker Connected should therefore be seen as a nice addition!
We are happy to discuss with you the extent to which this connection offers added value for your fleet!

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