Rental Cam

Camera security for your vehicles
Front and rear camera, Continuous loop recording, Sharp image quality, Large storage capacity
The Rental Cam is ideal for the large fleet manager because it distinguishes itself very strongly from the regular Dash Cam.
The Rental Cam has no less than two very small cameras that are connected to the recording control unit, which is also of small size.
The cameras are completely hidden away, both in the grille or front bumper (front) of the vehicle and in the rear bumper (rear) of the vehicle. The recording control unit is hidden in the interior. Major advantages of this are that the Rental Cam is not or hardly subject to theft or destruction, does not obstruct the driver’s field of vision, does not distract the driver and cannot turn out as a flying projectile in the vehicle.
You can easily view the recordings on your smartphone because the Rental Cam also has its own WIFI. Via a smartphone app (Android or iOS) you are connected to the Rental Cam. This also allows you to change the settings of the Rental Cam.

The Rental Cam is ideal for

The large fleet manager because it is very different from the regular Dash Cam.
Construction machinery
Agricultural machinery
Motorbikes & scooters
Passenger cars

Equipping your equipment with Rental Cam

The Rental Cam is available for € 129, -.
There are no further costs associated with the use of the Rental Cam.