Looking for a suitable fleet management system?

The choice is huge! There are many telematics companies that offer GPS products. When you consult the internet, you will see websites with quick slogans and clean images that try to persuade those interested. But do they offer what you and your company needs?

What does such a system actually have to comply with and what is a suitable GPS system for your company and industry? In short: what should you pay attention to?

In this blog you can read what you need to know about this, we explain what Rental Tracker can do for you and we help you on your way to make a good choice!

First of all, it is good to know what a GPS tracking system consists of. Simply put, a GPS tracking system consists of:

  • A GPS product; In this case, track & trace products that have different functionalities with which different data can be collected so that people or equipment can be registered, monitored and secured
  • A portal; this is the platform in which all the data (data) of the GPS products are collected
  • The connectivity; the connection that ensures the exchange of important data

GPS products

Which track & trace products you choose has for the most part to do with – which equipment you want to monitor and what goal you want to achieve with it.

It does not seem difficult to find a suitable product for your company through these principles, but we know from experience that more insights are needed for this! Both the functionalities

of the tracker as the specific properties

of the trackers play a major role and the latter is often underestimated.

An example: A car salesman would like to protect his vehicles against theft during test drives, for example. It sounds logical when the car salesman chooses a track & trace product that has theft monitoring as its goal. However, in addition to this functionality, the track & trace product must have a number of specific properties so that it fully meets the specific wishes and needs of this customer. The car salesman has a large turnover in his vehicles. That is why it is important that he chooses a product that is suitable for occasional theft monitoring. The tracker must be quick and easy to move from one vehicle to another. Furthermore, it should be easy to hide and not involve any installation costs because it runs on a battery. In addition, the tracker must be very difficult to hardly detectable, otherwise it will be detected by car thieves and removed from the vehicle in no time. Only the Stealth Compact Tracker meets all these requirements.

When making the right choice for track & trace products, in addition to the functionalities

of the tracker, the specific properties

of the trackers also play an important role!

On our website you can use ouradvanced decision aid’

use. Our decision aid offers you one or more good solutions. After reading the specific properties of the trackers in question, you can make a completely appropriate choice yourself. Would you like us to think along with you? We are happy to do that! We give you free and non-binding advice!

The GPS portal

It is a must that your GPS portal is equipped to your industry. Every industry requires its own specific insights.
For example, a car rental company needs different insights into the portal than a construction company.

In addition, it is useful if you can also set your own personal selection of important data in your portal. After all, one company has different needs and wishes than the other company. These settings ensure that you get the right insights quickly and easily.

Our portal is focused on different industries. In addition, you can hide the settings that do not apply to you in our portal with a few mouse clicks. You will then only see the data (information about your equipment) that is important for your company. We also work with ready-made notification templates for the notifications. These templates are completely tailor-made for your specific industry, but personal wishes can easily be added.

An example: A cleaning company has a fleet consisting of 15 work vans. The work vans are taken home by some employees after working hours.

The company manager would like to receive notifications of when the employees exceed the maximum permitted speed or when they have their own time in the vehicle against the agreement. Because of the ‘tailor-made templates’, he only receives the notifications that are important to him and on which he may want to act
. He can also generate a weekly or monthly report so that he has exact insight into which vehicle may be running “outside” the lines.

The connectivity

Last but not least; everything stands or falls with the connectivity between the GPS products and the portal! You can have the best telematics products and a handy portal, but when the quality of connectivity leaves something to be desired, there is not much to monitor!

Rental Tracker is connected to the best and largest network providers, who provide our connectivity. As a result, we have a very high-quality Roaming SIM that ensures that our customers worldwide (+190 countries) are flawlessly connected to a network. This way we can offer you the best coverage, even in more remote areas!

Just like law enforcement agencies, we can often even determine the location when there is no longer a GPS signal but the SIM card still has reception. In this way, there is a good chance that stolen equipment can still be traced.

With our connectivity and our portal, you always have direct insight into all your equipment. Whether with your mobile phone, laptop or on your PC!

Realtime, worldwide, anytime, anywhere!

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