A correct built-in administration? A piece of cake!

Rental Tracker developed an app for the installation form two years ago and a new version of the App has now been released. We have created this handy tool especially for our customers to make the administrative side of installation even easier and faster.

Here’s everything you need to know about the app and its latest version so you can use this sublime tool within your business!

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile. Through the app you can easily and quickly keep a solid and correct/reliable installation administration that you can fall back on later! The built-in app will ask for basic information about the installation in phases, which you have to fill in one by one. If you forget necessary info, the app will remind you.

Unique to this app is that you also have to enter a photo of the most necessary basic data. All this information is automatically sent in a PDF file to your e-mail address and/or to the e-mail addresses of your administrators.

With this information you can easily find the vehicle in question later, you can check who installed the tracker, when and where.

The compact versus the extended version

On the app, you can choose two versions: the compact version and the extended version.

You can use the compact version when you want to choose the fastest way and is especially suitable for your own fleet.

In the compact installation form, you enter basic information such as; make, type, license plate (or reporting code), the mileage of the vehicle and its placement in the vehicle.

It sounds logical that with the extended version, more data is requested and entered. This version is especially suitable for when you are helped with a more extensive installation administration in addition to the basic data. You also fill in data such as; installation company, name of mechanic, company name customer and mention of whether or not there is a starting blockade.

All our trackers are equipped with their own sublime QR code scanner that can be easily scanned by your mobile camera. In this way, the i-mei number of the vehicle is added to both forms. After this, add another photo of the QR code. As a final step, photos of the vehicle’s license plate or reporting code and the placement of the tracker are also added.

The benefits of the new version of the app

The new installation form has a number of practical advantages compared to our old installation form:

  • It’s even easier and faster;
  • It works on more devices (Apple & Android, Mobile & Tablet);
  • It can even be used offline (e.g. in a location where there is no network);
  • It is stored temporarily in this case;
  • It can still be sent later (when back online);
  • No installation data is left on the mobile or tablet (safe);

In short: you can install anytime, anywhere and at the same time record all the necessary information in a safe and reliable way in your installation administration!

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